Things to Itahisa

19th March 2015 - work - 1 Comment -

After some time we're back here. I bring a Shooting I had the pleasure of making this beauty of the island of La Palma. An entertaining evening enjoying what I love to do and even more when I have this beautiful woman, although her beauty I stick with your way of being, it is cheerful and outgoing. I can say dumbfounded that so far has been the best I've worked, large registration and attitude. I hope you like this summary of what was the Things of Itahisa. #hazquepasencosas.

13th May 2015
Increíble el resultado. Muchísimas gracias por tu trabajo, da gusto trabajar con personas tan entregadas como tú, estoy segura que tendrás un camino lleno de éxitos. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS Y MUCHA SUERTE.

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