The Story of Patricia and dani

21st November 2017 - work - Comment -

Patricia and Dani ... Something more than love.
The truth is that I'm trying to find some words to start this blog and I can not find them. It will be because there are weddings that are not, or there are clients who are not either ... they are only moments, moment that one as a photographer lives intensely. And it's what happened to this couple that has not been a wedding, it's been something else. Call it experience, call it experience, fantasy maybe ...
As they are they would be difficult to explain because they are that: love; a love that surrounds you and little by little takes you to your land. In more than one occasion I say that I always try that the couple is mine to express all that affection that they have in each other, in this case it was the other way around because I was stuck. They are affectionate, spontaneous, always with a smile on their faces and the truth that it was a huge pleasure to make them the wedding.
Here is a brief summary of what that story gave of itself .. I hope you like it. A hug, JR Photographer.

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