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Wedding in Germany by Irene and Peter
 I could not tell you in words what this work has meant, even looking for some fact in my personal life that was comparative to truth that I do not find it. This wedding has meant a very big step in my work because the truth is that I never thought about going to a foreign country to tell a story between two people, Yeahh !!! MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL WEDDING. It is already a joy to do it on the islands, the more we do it in Germany. Another life, other customs, another image very different from the one I am used to, which I hypnotize with just putting a foot in that country, a beauty, those great prairies, great cities, the great kindness of the Germans, in the end I can not say Another thing I loved about Germany.
  Since I left Palma I was convinced that I was going to give 200% to come loaded with many memories in memory and as many or more on the camera cards. What about Irene and Peter? Because they are two angels that life or destiny or that I ... I wanted them to be in my way and I in his. They have a special connection with Palma, they try to come whenever they can, they love life here, they are affectionate, funny, kind, and long etc. In short they are the one for the other, destined to meet. They are that couple that you say: they will be all the life together, they complement each other, sometimes crazy, and others very tender. I can not help but fills my chest with pride talking about them and I will be eternally grateful that I was the one in charge of telling this beautiful story, for the easiness to develop the work the best possible even knowing the complexity of German language ( And I do not speak neither Spanish;)) although it sounds a little cheesy: everyone knows and understands the language of love. THANK YOU IRENE AND PETER FOR EVERYTHING, as I say: eternally grateful.
 I have to thank many people enormously and hope I will not forget them. And as not to Adriana, friend of the girlfriend and friend of mine, that was a nexus of union between Irene, Peter and I and that I fight a lot for this to come out. To my second of aboard Yofri Gonzalez that helped me enormously in this great task that we had entrusted. To Carlota (sister of Adriana) for being my interpreter on the wedding day, the Crazy Max, the whole family of Irene and Peter, all those people who have directly or indirectly contributed to make everything go well. THANK YOU.
 Here is a summary of the wedding, a pre-wedding at a spectacular site, its civil celebration, the day before the wedding venue and wedding ceremony.
I hope you like them. Jonatan Rodriguez.

Traumhaft. Eine der schönsten Hochzeiten, die ich je erleben durfte. Richtig schön.

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