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Madrid and La Palma united forever.
And what can I say about this couple? for without a doubt they are a huge couple who have given me some very exciting moments like this brief summary of their spectacular wedding.
We started doing the pre-wedding in Madrid, for me it was the first time I worked in the streets of Madrid and the truth is that I felt very comfortable since it is a wonderful city and where I have fond memories.
Once in La Palma, it was only necessary for the guests to arrive for this celebration at the Church of Salvador in S / C de la Palma. A beautiful church with a light that entered through both doors, a perfect moment. From there and with the happily married couple played a treat at the National Parador, which I thank and congratulate from here because everything went perfectly. Only the Postboda was left and what better place to do it than at Nogales Beach, an idyllic place for a fantastic couple who in the middle of the rain gave me incredible, romantic and funny moments.
It may sound typical but it is the couples that one takes not only a few clients but also a great friendship.
Thank you Belén and Danco for everything you are fantastic and I wish you all the happiness possible.
Jonatan Rodríguez

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