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16th October 2014 - News - Comments -

Relatively recently met a person in this profession is highly respected for his talent, his understanding of photography, especially wedding, being one of the best wedding photographers in the world but especially for being a person who very transmits energy. This person is called Pedro Cabrera, though its roots are Palmeras was born in Venezuela and currently lives in Las Palmas Gran Canaria where he has settled his personal and professional life. A few months ago the island was where I was fortunate to accompany him to a meeting of PostBoda, from there we have established a good relationship. From there an invitation to share with a complete wedding day in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Together with the team, 100% 100 photos, his partner Andrea photographer too, Dani and Cesar in the part of video. A unique experience where I learned a lot from this huge professional and from my blog thank you from my heart to share with them this unique experience and most importantly take their friendship. Here you have what I could capture in the wedding of Mary and Beneharo also greatly appreciate that I have ceased to be part of this special day. Just Thanks. !!!

Juan Manuel Cruz
Estupendo trabajo. Felicidades
Klaus Becker
Besonders schön ist es für Brautpaare zur Hochzeit die Trauringe selbst zu machen. Goldschmiede können in ihren Trauringkursen da gerne unterstützen.



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