Pre wedding Belen & Danco for Madrid

04th October 2018 - work - 1 Comment -

A pre-wedding among skyscrapers.

When a romantic, fun loving, spontaneous affectionate couple joins the streets of Madrid the result has to be perfect. This is a brief sample of this special session for me.
Grateful for the love that you have given me at all times, for opening the doors of your home, for showing me the most beautiful corners of this great city, and above all, for letting me tell your story. I hope you like it.

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19th May 2018 - work - Comment -
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Elección de la Reina del Carnaval 2018

07th February 2018 - work - Comment -

Gala de elección a Reina del Carnaval 2018

Espero que les guste este pequeño resumen de lo que fue la Gala de la elección de la Reina 2018. 
felicitar a todas las candidatas, a los diseñadores, al Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Los Llanos de Aridane, en especial a su alcaldesa la Srta. Noelia Garcia Leal por una gran gala como a su director.  A los medios de comunicación, empresas de sonido, seguridad etc..
En especial a la Srta. Cristina Martín Jimenez
por hacer brillar aún más si cabe la fantasía "Epona. La Señora de los Caballos" 

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The story of Sonia and Mark.

15th January 2018 - work - 1 Comment -

The story of Sonia and Mark.
This is the best case to say that Love knows neither borders nor distances. England and La Palma united by this great couple, full of love, much understanding and that just look at each other know what they think of each other. They are unique, fun, and when they smile, time seems to stop. The communication with Mark was somewhat limited since he speaks very little Spanish and my English ... well ... we'll leave it that way;) but from the first moment I had a lot of connection with them and especially with him since we practically like the same things. Both for the Preboda and the Postboda they chose some scenarios of mountains, pines, sunsets and of course something of cold.
As I say a very large couple that happens to be my family. Thank the Hotel Sol La Palma, Vilaví Eventos, both families and my second Yofri Gonzalez

  I hope you like this little summary of what your wedding was like. Thank you.

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Nuria and Joel ... 6 years, 2 months and 29 days.

24th November 2017 - work - Comment -

6 years 2 months and 29 days

That is the time they spent for their post-wedding, and no, I was unfortunately not the photographer of their wedding, at that time I did not know them and 6 years ago I did other things besides photography.
They came to my life two years ago when they requested a family service that is exposed in this blog and since then there was a chemistry between them and me. They are from this couple that you say: they will be all their lives together, and that is that they complement each other to the limit that only those who truly love each other know. They look at each other and I think time stops. After so much time they have been encouraged again, they have put on their costumes and have wanted to enjoy remembering their wedding day. Of each couple I always take something and they take me apart from a beautiful friendship that was born of this work, I take that for a long time that love is eternal. I hope you like this little sample of the afternoon of Postobda we passed. a greeting. JR photographer.

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