"whatever happens is always for something"


I have very young had this penchant for cameras these little toys that immortalize moments of my life, although it was much later when an SLR in my hand from there opened before me a world of possibilities that barely knew arrives and thanks to some good friends I discovered, Departures in the field, some other rallies, and calmly with my family gave me those first steps.

  Chance and a call from a good friend photographer interne make me full in the journalistic world because for the Palm Island a well known press agency needed a photographer. From there I saw that the thing was no longer a "hobby" but something more serious so and completely self taught beginning my studies of photography: books, videos, and see many photos of the great photographers were those who taught me.

  So come early work: weddings, public events, christenings, sports magazines collaborations were the basis of my work, especially the mistakes I made and taught me to try not to make them again.

When I thought I had done pretty much everything (modestly speaking) a new window opens before my eyes, underwater photography, immersed world today and I just discovered that every day awakens in me a deep interest. And that is why when it comes to my hand my second computer the Canon EOS 5D underwater housing (Sea & sea) and start again thank my good friends and fellow divers to discover the secrets of the underwater scene.

Time passes and a board (every photographer should get his way) a good photographer friend makes me photographer specializes in wedding and that makes you do a course on wedding photography, editing and composition with some of the greats in this business Juanmi Alemany from there I realize that it is the path I want to take.

For me 2014 has been an awakening, where and I've honestly gotten to know myself and where I have lived many happy moments to those couples who have trusted me to tell their story, a year in which I know that is one of the best wedding photographers in the world Pedro Cabrera, and I have the great pleasure to accompany him to a wedding as a second photographer.

The year 2015, which give the most important step in my career. Start a project that had long been studying and finally sees the light, my own photography studio. An innovative space to serve more professionally if anything my clients.

Now that I've taken along the way, I specialize in what I want, I realize that what I did back has been evidence to get to where I am now, and I look forward and I enjoy every moment with those couples who want to save with care the most special day of their lives, I say, I will not be a good wedding photographer, I want to be a great storyteller because #siemprepasancosas